About Us

AFA Group Ltd. is the producer of healthy and well balanced fodder for wild birds. Our fodder is produced exclusively on the basis of pure and carefully selected components. Used for feeding of small flying friends very soon makes them well shaped and great looking. With our fodder the birds in the neighborhood will be a nice decoration for your and for your client's gardens.

AFA Group's staff have not only broad knowledge of animal's feeding needs but also strong experience in producing animal foods, gained in the production processes of different kinds of animal nutrition. Extensive control of producing channels and a selective management and quality control system guarantee the highest quality of our products.

As a PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCER all of our products can be produced on your own brand name and can be packed according to client's requirements.

The biggest markets for our  production are clients in UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Austria and Scandinavia.

We want to invite you to cooperation.