Fatballs are our main product.
Each fatball are made from:
beef fat, wheat, sunflower seeds
wheat flour,corn and other seeds.

Standard weight: 90 gr, but we
can also produce fatballs 84 up to

We have got also assorted
fatballs in our offer. Sizes and
shapes are same as standard
fatballs but we put in various
flavourings in it as peanuts,
berries fruits, corn extrudes
or extraportion of fat.
We can add also other flavours
according your wishes.

Giant fatball, Weight 450-500 gr.
Ingredients are same as in small
We can put inside many
supplements as
nuts, dried fruits,
berries  which make
stronger and more beautiful.

The big size of this fat ball is ideal
the bigger kinds of birds.

All of our products we can pack
on the flow-pack machine as a
single or 4,6,,8,10,12-packs.
We can alsoput our products
on a paper or plastictrays.
You can buy our fatballs also
as a50 or 100 pcs loose in box.
we use for packing  stickers or
printed film which are made
based on your artwork.

We can pack our fatballs in plastic
tubes also.  30,32,35,50 pcs in
plastic tub round, square or
rectangle . Normally we put about
90 units( it depends ofsize)on one
pallet and we use double-paletising
way of packing.

Above I put only samples af packing.
All our products we will make
strictly according your wishes so if
you have any questions don't
hasitate to contat us.